Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a fun way to inspire others to be kind while combatting negativity with acts of positivity in local communities. 

The Kindness Rally is a great way to bring the community together for friendly, competitive fun focusing on random acts of kindness and good deeds.


Positive Vibes Only

“More than anything, we simply want to inspire others to do their own acts of kindness and help create a ripple of positivity throughout their communities. No matter how large this event gets, the focus will always be about making a difference on the ground in the local community – where you live, work, and play. If multiple communities do this at once, I believe this ripple effect can change the world.”

— Susan Dials, The Kindness Rally Founder


This event was started in 2016 as a simple project from then Community Vice President of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) chapter in Redford, Michigan; Susan Dials. When running for the position of Community VP, Susan thought about the difference she wanted to make during her year on the board. As an already established believer in “paying it forward” to others, Susan knew exactly what to do. She noticed a cloud of negativity in the community where she grew up and wanted to try and fight this image, so she challenged her chapter to think smaller. It may have sounded weird at first, but the goal was for the entire chapter to do small, random acts of kindness throughout the year to make a large positive impact in their community.

The chapter was asked to post their acts of kindness to the chapter Facebook page in order to encourage more positivity in the chapter and the community. This initiative really took off, and the community was starting to not ice their organization’s positive impact. When it came time for the annual road rally social event, where teams would race around town to find clues and landmarks. This was a great opportunity to push the pay it forward initiative even further. Instead of finding clues, teams competed to do the most acts of kindness in three hours. The project was called Rally for Redford and it was a huge success! Before the event was over, local business and community members started contacting the chapter to thank them and ask how to get involved the following year. Participants who originally dubbed themselves the chauffeur on the team so that they didn’t have to get out of the car, ended up participating whole-heartedly and interacting with the community members.

The thing about kindness is that it really is contagious. The impact made in the township and to chapter members was simply incredible. By the end of the day everyone was smiling, and other communities took notice. The following year, While Susan was beginning to plan the next Rally for Redford, 7 other chapters wanted to join in, so the event was renamed “Rally Across Michigan.” 2017 saw 28 teams across the state of Michigan, with over 1,200 Acts of Kindness completed.

In year three, the event became a national (and international) project without boundaries. Because of this, our name has evolved into “The Kindness Rally” in order to not limit the event to one geographic location. In February 2018 the project was presented at a conference of Mid-America states in the USA and a Kindness Rally was even conducted during the conference.  The official 2018 Kindness Rally event was held with participation from Minnesota, Ohio, Michigan, AND Australia! There was an additional Kindness Rally held in Denver, Colorado on September 28th, 2018 during the JCI Annual Meeting. All in all – 1,975 Kindness challenges we completed in 2018, which breaks down to over 3,000 individual acts of kindness in 2018, and a total of 4,450 over the past three years!

The 2019 Kindness Rally will be held on September 21st.