It's fun to
be kind.

In this family-friendly competition, teams will receive a list of random act of kindness “challenges” that involve helping others and bettering the community. From cleaning up trash and writing thank-you notes to carrying groceries to the car, teams will work to cross off challenges to see who has done the most good deeds by the end of the event. Teams use social media to showcase their community impact and encourage others, so follow #TheKindnessRally hashtag to see all the positive change created during The Kindness Rally!

2019 date: September 21st

Bring The Kindness Rally to your community and join us in spreading positive vibes around the world!


Our mission is to provide a fun way to inspire others to be kind while combatting negativity with acts of positivity
in local communities

Follow @TheKindnessRally to see the positive change unfold!  Share pictures from your local Kindness Rally to instagram with the #TheKindnessRally hashtag to see them show up here! 

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No matter how large the event gets or how far The Kindness Rally spreads, the focus will always be on the local level. It is about being on the ground in your community making a positive impact by being kind to your neighbors, businesses, and community members. Each rally is unique, because each community is unique. There are many different ways you can pay it forward in your hometown and spread the positive vibes. The Kindness Rally is out to celebrate everything that makes your community special and the people that contribute to it. 


Our Impact



growth in participation in 2019

In 2018 we had 77 teams participate from the USA to Australia that was huge because the year before we had 28 teams. In 2019 - we had a whopping 162 teams participate! That is over 110% growth from 2018! We are adding new rallies to our calendar everyday! If your state, province, city, township etc. wants to participate -  please contact
We would love to have you! 

10K +

Acts of kindness completed so far

With our efforts combined 10,165 random acts of kindness have been completed in 2019! Teams joined in to spread kindness on our event app from Michigan, Hawaii, Minnesota, Ohio, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Canada and Australia! Can you imagine the growth we are going to see in 2020!? Check out @TheKindnessRally and #TheKindnessRally to see more!


dollars donated from partners

Our partners make this event happen! Donations help us purchase supplies and shirts for our event. 2019 has been our biggest event yet, with support from Planet Fitness, Qualigence International, Benton Employment Solutions, Faithful Companion, JCI Michigan, Michigan Jaycees Foundation, Matick Chevrolet, No Money No Time Printing, and LMR Associates. Thank you!

August 2017

It has been amazing to see the idea turn into a [nationwide] movement. Local businesses, community organizations and government officials are getting involved and supporting the effort with sponsorships and even making their own teams.

Stephanie Johnson / JCI Michigan


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